Frövi - our own platform

Our own platform, Essinge Railport, is 25,000 m2 with a capacity to receive 22 carriages a day. Weather-sensitive goods are either unloaded under cover or indoors to protect against the elements. With efficient handling and modern equipment, essinge railport serves as a cross-docking terminal. This allows loading directly from train to truck for fast delivery. If a longer set-up of goods is needed, surfaces are available inside and outside, warm, dehumidified, fenced and supervised.

The terminal is open every day of the week, almost all year round. The handling of the goods is done by our own staff. Warehousing and picking are also offered at the facility.


Essinge Railport

Essinge Rail owns and operates both its own railroad terminal and its own haulage company to meet high demands on quality, safety and the environment. Here we receive the customer's goods, repack them, store them and transport them to customers around the country.