Spreads rail opportunities to all customers who value sustainability

Essinge Rail AB work for a better environment and climate by constantly evaluating the business based on its impact. As far as possible, rail is used as the main means of transport. This contributes to a better environment and our customers' long-term environmental and climate work.

We help our customers to contribute to sustainable development and strive to cooperate only with suppliers who have an active far-reaching environmental work.
Here we produce renewable solar electricity for the operation of our entire business.

In our own business

  • knowledge and raising awareness of environmental and climate issues continuously among all employees
  • we influence, we make demands on and cooperate with other companies, suppliers, authorities and organizations
  • we see environmental and climate-improving measures such as investments
  • prevent pollution in air, soil and water by taking into account the environmental impact of what we do
  • we are constantly striving to improve the use of our resources within the company
  • we essentially comply with the GHG protocol Scope 1-3.

Under the concept of E-rail, we are gathering our efforts to achieve as soon as possible a completely fossil-free value-creating transport chain.

Our goal is to put together a completely seamless fossil-free transport chain from the train's departure on the continent to final delivery as soon as possible. This includes both exchange work and terminal handling, all done with self-produced solar electricity. At the last stage, distribution takes place with modern Euro 6 class trucks powered by renewable fuel, HVO 100