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Essinge Rail operates throughout Europe. We work with terminal operators, railway operators, freight forwarders and hauliers. Without committed partners, it is difficult to build the structures required by a modern transport company. We are therefore constantly looking for transport companies that want to work with us to achieve a sustainable competitive transport solution based on rail. Many of our partners are both subcontractors and users of our transport solution.

On this page we request services that are up to date, but there is always room for spontaneous requests. If there is a company that feels prompted, we would like to have contact with it. If you find it exciting, we would like you to contact us. The easiest way is to use the contact form below. Alternatively, send an email directly to

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Right now we are looking for hauliers who
  • Domestic Sweden, general cargo and full loads
  • Poland/Czech Republic/Slovakia - Germany ToR

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