freight transport

Choose freight transport and reduce CO2 emissions via sustainable shipping

The transport industry in changing times In these times, many companies are experiencing major challenges in meeting their climate goals due to changing fuel prices and global crises affecting society at large. Our analysis is that there has never been a better time for companies to transition to sustainable freight transport and thus primarily [...].
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Viva Wine Group

How Essinge Rail helps the largest wine group in the Nordic countries

Viva Wine Group is Sweden's leading wine importer. The company values sustainability and therefore sought a smooth and cost-effective transition to using trains for its transport. Through Essinge Rail's established terminal network in Europe, it already had a presence in many of the key areas from which Viva Wine Group imports. Combined with cost advantages and Essinge Rail's [...]
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Essinge Rail

We're making energy efficient and contributing to a reduced carbon footprint

Reduced energy consumption, reduced CO2 emissions, phasing out 500 mg of mercury from our operations - these are the immediate results of the energy efficiency improvements we made at our Frövi railway terminal in May when we switched to LED light tubes. Our calculations now show that the savings are equivalent to about 25,000 kWh annually, which means that with today's electricity costs, the project pays for itself [...]
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EcoVadis train transport

Silver medal again at EcoVadis 2022

Essinge Rail is again awarded a silver medal by the rating institute EcoVadis. In 2021, no less than 90,000 companies have been assessed, with Essinge Rail among the top 18%. But when it comes to our environmental work, we are among the top 4%! EcoVadis' vision is to encourage companies to include sustainability in their [...]
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92% renewable in mind by 2021!

Commitment, rigour and discipline paid off: by 2021, our use of renewable fuel (HVO 100) will be as high as 92%! Can we be best in class? This also means that since 2018 we have reduced our carbon emissions by 68% in-house. We are now continuing the work towards total fossil free and to further reduce our [...]
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Fair transport

Fair Transport approves us for added value level 2

The Swedish Haulage Association - Fair Transport has today approved Essinge Rail according to added value level 2. As you know, not all companies are track-connected. It is therefore important to us that even the part of the transport chain that takes place by road is carried out with the utmost sustainability in all areas. This is what we stand for and we are committed to Fair Transport. Fair [...]
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