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The transport sector in changing times

In these times, many companies are experiencing major challenges in meeting their climate targets due to changing fuel prices and global crises affecting society at large. Our analysis is that there has never been a better time for companies to shift to sustainable freight transport and thus primarily rail-based transport for their goods. The reason is that we cannot actually know for sure whether economic fluctuations and global crises will end in the foreseeable future. At the same time, according to the Paris Agreement, Sweden is to achieve explicit climate targets that require greenhouse gas emissions from domestic transport to be reduced by at least 70% by 2030 compared to 2010[1].

This leads us to the view that rail transport is a more stable transport solution, and thus more sustainable, both from an economic and a sustainability perspective.

Sustainable door-to-door transport

What we find is that transport buyers have difficulty finding a supplier who can deliver a complete solution in an environmentally friendly way. In order to reduce administration and keep a good cost picture, most are looking for a supplier who can provide a door-to-door solution. For those companies that transport larger volumes, Essinge Rail can be an excellent option for customers who require just that. Thanks to our transport management system, everyone can track their orders in real time. There is no need for special shipping or consignment note numbers, just your own order number. We will provide you with a login ID and password. See the current location in plain text or zoom in on the map of Europe. All this is made possible by the fact that all wagons are equipped with GPS transmitters.

We are proud of our environmental profile and would like to say that the vast majority of new customers save both money and make significant environmental gains by starting with sustainable freight transport via Essinge Rail.

An example of this is that all our road transport emits about 90% less C02.[2]

Train or truck transport?

There is no longer any discussion about the advantage of rail versus truck from an environmental point of view. What indicates that truck is still a sustainable mode of transport is for shorter distances and in combination with environmentally friendly fuels such as HVO-100, which Essinge Rail uses. Or, of course, the even better alternative, electric trucks. It is undoubtedly positive that trucking as an industry is undergoing a transition to a greener mode of transport. However, today it is not as fast as many would have hoped, and rail will always be a faster, safer and more cost-effective way to transport heavy goods over longer distances.

Sustainable freight transport is the future

As transport accounts for 30% of Sweden's C02 emissions, it is a crucial factor in our common challenge towards a more sustainable society.[3] Of the 30%, cars and heavy vehicles account for the majority of emissions. As a company, making a conscious switch to a combination of electric train transport and environmentally friendly truck transport will bring direct environmental benefits. You show that your company is taking responsibility for the environment and society, and the best thing is that it doesn't have to cost more than your current solutions. What we find is that in most cases it is quite the opposite. Either at once or over time. At Essinge Rail, we are always very careful to present a complete financial and environmental plan to our partners. We are committed to the environment and want to work with companies that share this view. Finally, we have arranged for all our customers to now receive in their invoices a statement of CO2 emissions for each individual transport order. The figure is in kg.

Switch to sustainable freight transport

The reasons for choosing rail as the primary transport solution are many. But one of the biggest reasons is that companies that prioritise sustainability gain growth and goodwill from it. Our society is undergoing the electrification of the vehicle fleet, and sustainability is high on the list of priorities for both individuals and businesses, but especially for policy makers. Politicians are investing in rail and subsidising rail transport. At the same time, charges are planned for fossil-based transport. The trend is clear - sustainable transport is the future.
When choosing new partners, there are now clear incentives to choose the more environmentally conscious company. We have helped several well-known and global companies in their journey towards more environmentally friendly transport.

Contact us at Essinge Rail and we'll help you reach your climate goals.

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