3 reasons to send your party goods by rail


Do you currently use truck transport for all your party goods? Then this post might be for you. With long experience in the transport industry, we know that trucking involves several time-consuming and unnecessary factors - which can actually be avoided. First and foremost, long-haul trucking, both domestic and international, is subject to an increasing risk of theft. Unfortunately, the need for trucks to stop at rest stops and refuelling stations means that this risk is always present. For companies with greater needs, lorries also have a limited carrying capacity over longer distances. This problem is solved in some cases by multiple trips, which can lead to increased lead times, delays and increased costs. Finally, we know that all these logistics need to be managed by your own staff, with more moving vehicles and people increasing the risk of mistakes and almost certainly making administration more resource intensive on your part.


3 reasons to choose rail for your party goods

1. It simplifies logistics
By using rail as the primary method of transport, you often have fewer contacts to deal with, as the transport chain is simplified. Rail transport is a reliable transport chain with fewer elements. You can send your piece and parcel goods directly from Europe to Sweden. What many of our customers who have made the switch notice is how much less administration there was on their part. This leads to fewer hours of logistics and monitoring, which you can free up for more central tasks.

2. Environmentally friendly
With our transport solution, you can boast that your transport complies with the EU's toughest C02 emission requirements.

3. Economic advantage
At a certain breaking point, rail transport becomes a clearly more economical solution. Contact us and we'll help you calculate what the cost difference would be for you if you switched from truck to train.


Essinge Rail - a leader in sustainable transport

According to the EU White Paper for transport, by 2030 as much as 30% of lorry transport over 30 miles should be shifted to rail and ship, with a target of 50% by 2050. One of the crucial shifts that needs to happen is for more SMEs to start realising the benefits of rail transport. Train operators should simplify their offer and, in combination with this, market themselves better to increase customer awareness. Essinge Rail wants to be a leader in this field and we are determined that rail transport can take product-oriented companies to new heights. Rail transport streamlines the entire logistics chain, reduces costs and brings major environmental benefits.

Society is changing - show that your company is too

The government and the EU have made clear intentions regarding the transport sector and the transformation needed to achieve the climate goals. The majority of large companies are already well advanced in their environmental work and can make a sustainable transition without causing increased costs. Those medium and small enterprises that understand what the future of the transport sector will look like in 2030 are right to make the transition now. This clearly demonstrates to customers and partners that climate change is a priority, which also says a lot about the organisation itself. In our experience, a company with an ambitious environmental profile is many times more attractive to the vast majority of transport buyers, both large and small. Thus, there are disadvantages, not only related to the climate, when it comes to the continued use of trucks, planes and boats as the only means of transport.

Partigods by train

Sending goods as parcel goods usually means that the customer buys space equivalent to a few pallets. In terms of weight, this is usually a shipment of 1-2.5 tonnes. In fact, it is a classic mixed shipment of many different goods loaded on a train instead of a truck. The wagons are received at our own terminal where we redirect the goods to the consignee. Final delivery is made by truck using fossil-free diesel, either through our own trucking company or a carefully selected partner.

For which companies is a switch to rail transport a good idea?

We would like to say that this is the case for all companies. But the truth is that those who send their goods shorter distances, less than 50 miles, probably do not have much to gain from switching to rail transport. To make it beneficial for them too, there is still much to be done in both technology and policy. On the other hand, those companies that send their goods further or from abroad and at the same time have continuous flows have, in our opinion, everything to gain from a transition. Through our access to our own Swedish haulage company, combined with our own terminal in central Frövi outside Örebro, we can offer an efficient transport solution. Our large transport network covers the majority of Europe's major cities and manufacturing centers.

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