Now we become fossil-free in our own production!

We have adopted a goal to be completely fossil-free in our own operations by 2022. At the last measurement (12 months running) of our use of fossil diesel, it was down to 14%. Essentially, it was about our gear vehicle, a Unimog 400, at the railway terminal in Frövi that has not yet been converted.

For a long time we have been in dialogue with our maintenance contractor in Germany, Uthemann Rangiertechnik and manufacturer Mercedes-Zagro about running the machine on biodiesel. Since the interest is so great and the issue so important, we jointly decided from 1 October to run on pure HVO100.

However, we leave nothing to chance and have put a new engine on the spare shelf and shortened the service intervals on the machine. It is an honour that Essinge Rail will be the test pilot for Mercedes-Zagro, which is eagerly awaiting feedback from the next inspection of the vehicle. But we can already announce that it works excellently!

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